Leadership Team

We at Community Gospel Baptist Church believe that when Jesus sent out His Disciples by two's (Mark 6:7, Luke 10:1, Ecclesiastes 4:10), He was setting a precedent for how the New Testament Church should be led. Therefore, we have embraced a Co-Pastorate approach to Biblical leadership.

Meet the Team


Pastor Graig Wortham (Pastor "G") comes to Community Gospel Baptist Church with years of Ministry experience. During that time he has served in various lay and Pastoral leadership positions.

Called in to Ministry over 12 years ago, Pastor Scott began his ministerial journey guided by the Holy Spirit and by using a talk “to”, not “at” approach to Discipleship has been able to successfully serve both young and old. With extensive experience in senior church lay leadership and having served in the pastorate from a youth pastor to senior pastor he has served in all levels within the Church and brings a diverse and comprehensive perspective to the Pastorate. Through the year’s, God has Blessed this Ministry with signs of conviction, salvation, and sanctification and in every case, it still thrills him to watch people come to know and grown in Christ. Pastor Scott loves God, family, The Church, music, technology, and preaching/teaching/studying the Word of God. For a fuller listing of my ministry objectives and core values, click here.