About Us

Our Story

In September of 2016, Pastors Graig Wortham and Scott Weber, along with their families, stepped out in faith in response to God’s call by founding Community Gospel Baptist Church. This journey has seen us go from worshiping under a covered picnic area out of doors all the way to our present location. God has truly Blessed the Church, not only by providing a place of Worship, but also by showing His miraculous healing power. Even though our story is just beginning at this location, we are still looking forward to the future chapters and would love to add you to those books. Looking forward to the many great things ahead.

Blessings to you !

-Pastors: Graig & Scott

Our Approach

Community Gospel Baptist Church is a ministry located in Stewart County Tennessee whose purpose is to serve Christ and the Community in which we live. We do this by sharing the saving knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and by providing a place in which everyone can experience the love of Christ. In addition, we disciple the saved by utilizing both small group teaching and offer one on one mentoring. Lastly, we encourage the lost to a personal relationship with Christ in obedience to the Great Commission (Mathew 28:16-20) with an emphasis of meeting everyone where they are at spiritually.